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Used Car Lemon Law - What Is It?

Posted on September 5, 2021 by Trevor Schoborg

What is really a CAR OR TRUCK Lemon Law? Essentially, CAR OR TRUCK Lemon Laws provide some legal recourse for consumers who eventually purchase a "lemon" of a car. You're guaranteed a written warranty that specifically states a dealer must repair any problems or defects in the automobile or reimburse you for the expense of the repairs. If the automobile can't be repaired, you're eligible for a refund.

Lemon cars which are essentially cars which are included in the lemon law can't be sold "as is" which will not imply a warranty. Remember, a dealer who sells or leases you a car or truck must definitely provide you with a written warranty that specifies the terms or sell the automobile "as is" which essentially means consumer beware. If the automobile is included in a warranty, it should be directed at you ahead of or at the signing of a sales contract or lease.

Locating the annals of a Lemon

It isn't possible for a car to flee its past. In order to establish the truth that your vehicle or truck is really a lemon, it is possible to research your vehicle or truck's history on the web at CARFAX.

By supplying your automobile Identification Number (VIN), a car report will indicate the vehicle's maintenance records for this vehicle. Furthermore, it is very important keep copies of most vehicle repair statements and invoices when you should provide additional evidence your car is definitely a "lemon."

One solution to prevent surprises such as for example these would be to research trucks and cars you are looking at buying before making the purchase. Researching the automobile or truck's VIN on CARFAX will indicate past maintenance problems, title, registration, and odometer information revealing your car's history.