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Respect Traffic Lights

Posted on January 25, 2023 by Trevor Schoborg

When you start to see the traffic light is red, bring your vehicle to an end slowly and smoothly. Avoid being a hero. Heroes are just for cinemas. Usually do not cross the pedestrian line if you are approaching a red traffic light.

Start moving your vehicle only once the traffic light is completed green. Usually do not move before it turns green.

When the light is amber, it really is a sign for the driver to start out slowing and come slowly to a halt. It isn't a sign for the driver to speed faster! Accidents have already been found to always occur through the amber time. Both parties from opposite directions will not want to cave in, so that they meet headon and such injuries tend to be fatal.

The real reason for the amber light would be to clear the junction so the traffic from another cross roads might have an obvious unobtrusive view and unhindered path to allow them to cross.

In regardless of the situation, you must never pass the amber light if you are in the positioning to stop with time.

In many new junctions today, we have been seeing a growing usage of countdown timers at the lights. This can be a tremendous improvement to driver anticipation and contains reduced many accidents and deaths. Respect the timer. Wait until they turn to zero before acceleration. We've seen many stubborn drivers still insisting on crossing the lights though it has already been red.

Remember Prevention is preferable to Cure.