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Common Phrases and Word Games in the Car Buying Game

Posted on May 19, 2021 by Trevor Schoborg

Purchasing a new car is just like buying anything else on the market. Salesmen are trained to not take no for an answer, and lots of word games and phrases come into play in order for them to get you to close the deal.

Advertisers and marketers are there to mess with your head so they can force you to buy things. Some of the greatest words and phrases that make a consumer purchase products are amazingly well worded, while some aren't.

Think about it - if marketers use carefully composed strategies, you may often believe you're getting a deal, when in actuality you could be paying more. Sometimes a marketer will provide a 50% off deal on a piece of merchandise, but in actuality the purchase price of the object was increased in the first location.

If a company marks up the price by 52%, and sells it for 50% off of the price, you're actually paying 2% more for the item than it originally cost. Now that's clever marketing! This is a really common way for auto dealerships to get the job done. They may provide a $3000 cash back deal on your trade-in while the other fees and interest rates will be greater than you could want.

Basically, even though a dealership may provide great trade in prices, they'll get you together with the other fees.

So, bottomline is to keep an eye out for phrases created to peak your interest in earning your purchase, Additionally, if you encounter a deal, be sure to do some comparison shopping to determine if this really is the best price you can get in the moment.