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Do Radar Detectors Still Work?

Posted on July 27, 2021 by Trevor Schoborg

A Radar Detector is really a small digital camera used to detect the Police's radar units from the decent distance, so that you can slow down and steer clear of obtaining a speeding ticket from the authorities. Just what a Radar Detector accumulates, and whether it works, depends upon the make and style of the radar gun utilized by the authorities, and what type of frequency the gun is tuned to.

The most basic Radar Detectors are tuned to exactly the same frequency because so many Police radar guns, however the Police may occasionally switch their guns to a new frequency. Older Radar Detectors depend heavily on the assumption an officer could have his radar fired up all the time. If the Officer suddenly turns on the gun, older Radar detectors will not offer you enough warning.

Also, you need to ingest to account that some newer radar guns have stopped utilizing the easily detectable frequencies utilized by older guns, instead opting to utilize less obvious bandwidths. A far more sophisticated Radar Detector can still detect these signals, but older, less advanced Radar Detectors will never be of any use for detecting signals from these newer guns.

The newest technology in speeding detection runs on the very different method; it uses laser light, rather than sound waves. This technique is named LIDAR, and older Radar Detectors are useless against it. To beat LIDAR, you'll want a Radar Detector that's newer and created to use laser technology rather than older radio based technology.

So, the solution is yes, Radar Detectors still work, however the older Radar Detectors have become less efficient, which means that your best bet would be to have a far more modern Radar Detector which means you know for certain you will be covered. Otherwise, it is a 50/50 potential for the radar not being found.